Vreugdenhil Breeding & Seeds

Vreugdenhil Breeding & Seeds Trials

From June 11 to 14, Vreugdenhil Breeding & Seeds will organize its annual variety trials.

During this event, visitors will get acquainted with the current commercial varieties of Vreugdenhil Breeding & Seeds. Additionally, we will introduce our pre-commercial varieties and showcase several new varieties. These new varieties are still in the experimental phase and may be added to our assortment in the future.

Visit the Vreugdenhil Breeding & Seeds Trials

Are you interested in our new varieties and would like to visit our trials?

know if you are interested in visiting us. We would be happy to schedule a time slot to meet you. Registration can be done via the button below.

Data: 11th - 14th of June

Location: Anthuriumweg 43, 2665 KV Bleiswijk, Klugt Quality Plants