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Vreugdenhil Breeding & Seeds develops seeds for new vegetable varieties in the potted plant and hobby gardening segment. Vreugdenhil Breeding & Seeds is ambitious in its pursuit of innovation. The breeding team works daily on product development focused on taste, ornamental value, cultivation aspects, and sustainability.

Through our breeding program, Vreugdenhil Breeding & Seeds continuously updates its assortment. We respond to the growing consumer demand to grow and harvest their own products. Our compact vegetable varieties for balconies, terraces, and windowsills meet this need. In addition to the compact varieties, there is also a range in development for cultivating tomato varieties for the hobby gardener. Resistance to Phytophthora and mildew is an important part of this. These varieties produce flavorful tomatoes, are productive, and are resilient for outdoor cultivation thanks to the built-in resistances.

Proven concept Pick & Joy

Under the brand Pick-&-Joy, Vreugdenhil Young Plants introduced the first compact tomato plant (Pick-a-Tom) in 2005. This brand has since grown into a unique assortment of more than 20 varieties. Consumers can pick the fruits from the vegetable plants at home and enjoy them as a snack or use them in various dishes. It offers flavor and adds ambiance to the balcony, terrace, or garden.

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